SteviaSweet RA99M

SteviaSweet RA99M.


The highest grade of Rebaudioside A (99 percent) is paired with the highest purity of Rebaudioside M currently available (95 percent). The result is a synergistic effect that is greater than either demonstrates alone. Licorice and bitter notes are reduced. Rebaudioside M works as a sweetness modulator or masker for whatever small off-notes might be present with the Rebaudioside A.

This new product, RA99M, is about 350 times sweeter than sugar. While it has superior attributes, because of its potency it must be used at very low levels. In RTD applications its recommended use is less than 0.1 percent. It has also shown success in powdered drink mixes. Whenever using high intensity sweeteners, it’s best to begin on the side of caution. Rather than start at the high end, begin with a very low level and gradually increase levels in the formula until the desired sweetness is achieved.

Although consumers are looking for sugar replacements, none yet exactly clone sugar’s taste. However, RA99M raises the bar and sets a new standard for products with clean labels and clean flavor.

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